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Face-Lock Gun Safe

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The First Prototype

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About the Facial Recognition Gun Safe

Most Safes can take anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds to open using code locks and combination padlocks. The Facial Recognition Safe will use your face for quicker access.

This project involves the technical fields of Programming, Electrical Engineering, and Security Technology.

This project was inspired by advancing biometric access technology.

My project aims to create a safe that will use facial recognition technology to give access to a safe in less than a second.

Using a raspberry pi with open cv advanced facial recognition software you will be less than a second away from accessing your firearm.

This project is innovative because it is the best secure design for storing your firearms. It removes the hassle of remembering codes and using combination locks. It also provides the peace of mind knowing you can quickly access your firearm when you need it most.

The scope of this project is to give homeowners the peace of mind knowing their firearms are secure and quickly accessible in the event of a home invasion. Most of this project was inspired by the increase in accidental child gun deaths during the pandemic due to kids spending more time at home.

The timeline for production is about 2 weeks from the time the parts are delivered.

This product is for the 30% of Americans (or 98,460,000 people) who own firearms.

The closest resembling product to my own in the United States is a biometric gun safe. This allows a user to register a fingerprint and only gives slightly faster access time when compared to combination lock safes and code lock safes.

Update 2022: In recent months a new company has begun producing facial recognition safes and has already partnered with Walmart. There are no reviews on this product as of now.

Q & A

Q: How will your product compare speed wise to a fingerprint safe?

A: By pressing the button on my safe it will instantly start a scan for a recognized facial profile and immediately pop the safe open. This will shave off significant time compared to a fingerprint scanner.

Q: Why is speed so important?

A: Speed is extremely important in the event of a home invasion. Lets say you have a conventional gun safe you are going to be twiddling with the lock for a good 10-30 seconds to get it open. Whereas with my product you will be able to get your firearm in less than a second with the press of a button while having the peace of mind knowing its in a secure and easy to access location. This is especially important as I am the father of a young toddler that is looking for a better solution to quick access safe technology.

Tate's Objectives and Projects

Objectives - The objective of this project is to increase the ease of access in which a firearm is accessed while still having the same security features in place. Increasing the access time of a firearm gives you the peace of mind knowing it is secure in a safe while having the same access time of it being in a bedside drawer.


  • Neural Network Facial Recognition

A neural network works by showing the program images to be able to learn how to recognize them in the real world. Using a neural network it increases the ability to recognize an object or face.

  • Drone Implementation of Object Recognition

This was a fun little thing I wanted to test with a friends drone. All we did was hook up the camera and raspberry pi inside the drone and flew it up into the air to recognize cars, trucks, and people walking to test the neural networks capabilities from the sky.

  • Raspberry Pi Performance and Memory Modifications

This needed to be done to give the camera more FPS for recognizing facial profiles. This increased the speed at which it would recognize a face. This is done through using an 8GB raspberry pi model and the best raspberry pi camera available. Preferably 5MP + 

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